Business Voice over IP services,
Using the latest (VoIP) technology, we can provide your business complete...


Hosted PBX System,
A hosted and fully managed PBX system allows businesses to save considerable costs...


Consulting Services,
Our highest level of expertise is available to your company through our Professional Services division.

ABOUT DirekTel

DirekTel was founded in February 2006 with one focus in mind: to help businesses increase their telecommunications services while reducing their operational costs. DirekTel's expertise in telephony and communications combined with new technology can provide your business with more efficient means to communicate at a fraction of the cost.

We use VoIP technology to provide company-wide telephony services; a hosted and fully managed PBX service, thus offloading expensive hardware and operational costs; teleconferencing services as well as a consulting division for a customised approach to your company's specific issues and needs.

DirekTel is a VoIP service and telephony consulting company providing a wide range of telecommunication solutions for small and medium businesses alike. Our mission is to provide companies with high quality, fully managed telecommunication services at reduced cost.

These tools and services are designed to help our clients address, manage, or resolve a variety of communication issues so that they can focus on running their businesses.

In addition to providing VoIP and fully managed PBX services, through our consulting services, we also offer the unique ability to work directly with our clients to gain a full understanding of their business and develop a variety of customized solutions to meet their specific needs. Your business is unique and so are its telecom needs.

At DirekTel we believe that technology is a tool to enhance business processes - its true value is in its ease of use and its ability to provide tangible returns to the client. With this foundation, we are committed to providing outstanding services and unique customer support for our products.

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